Dog Accessories by ArmoredTech

Do something good for your dog

Patented products for everyone who expects more.

For beginner, intermediate and profesionals.

Designed and produced with care to master the challenge presented by the material.

Dog Harness

All weather - Dog harness

Unique 2 in 1 dog Harness!

2 in 1: This dog harness got a integrated jacket inside. You only have to open the zipper and pull the jacket out. After that, your dog is protectet against wet and cold, because of it´s thermo-block weather shield Technology.


  • Waterproof material
  • Easy to take on & off
  • Washable quick dry material
  • Lite weight
  • 2x D-Rings - chest and back attachment

CAR - DOG Harness

Get ready for the new definition of safety!

Our car harness  has succeed a real crash test. His seatbelt-design provides extra strength & durabilit.

This car harness gives extra safety for passengers and your dog.


  • Crash tested
  • Easy Installation - works with any existing seatbelts
  • Simple step-in design
  • Doubles as a Walking harness
  • Reflective safety stripe
  • Soft padding
  • Seatbelt-style for a secure hold
  • Metal buckles & clips for strength & durability
  • Four adjustment Point to customize the fit for any dog

Dog Collar

ArmoredTech - Dog Collar

Quick dog control!

Our ArmoredTech dog collars are rated by their functionality, quality and design.


With features like, an elastic, integrated short leash to easily handle your dog or a safety click System to ensure a closed collar, our dog collars became unique.


  • Weatherproof Nylon collar
  • Safety click System and velcro Fixation
  • Easy adjustable in length
  • Neopren soft padded
  • Throat protection for more comfort
  • Ultra reflective material for high visibility
  • D-Ring for tags or leash

Dog Leash

Dog leashes from ArmoredTech are provided with features like anti shock, grip, seat belt adapter, zipper pocket and more.  All these gadgets matched with high quality materials and a awesome visual design to provides you the best support.

Multi Comfort - Dog Leash

Perfect for extended walks!


  • Comfortable handling through Nylon and Neopren
  • Ultra reflective for high visibility
  • 2x hooks and 3x D-Rings for maximum usability

Walk`n Drive - Dog Leash

Perfect for urban Locations!

Our Walk & Drive dog leash got 1 size and 5 different colors. The length of the leash is easily adjustable till 1,2 meters. This Walk & Drive leash is giving the best support at urban locations, because of it´s short length.


  • Anti shock  for a comfortable power Exchange
  • Grip with integrated zipper pocket and seat belt adapter
  • Weatherproof Nylon material
  • Soft padded handle
  • Short leash
  • Reflective material for high visibility

Available in 1 size and 5 colors matching with our collars!

Vario walk`n drive - Dog Leash

Maximum usability!

Our Vario Comfort dog leashes are available in 3 sizes and 5 colors. All sizes got a length of 2,20m and only the width and strength are different.


  • Anti shock for a comfortable power exchange
  • Grip with intergrated zipper pocket and seat belt adapter
  • weatherproof nylon material
  • 2x hooks and 3x D-Rings for maximum usability
  • reflective material for high visibility